Hello guys and gals!

So Derek Jeter came back last night!  Hooray!  And now he’s hurt again.  Boo!  For the Yankees, this has been a season long issue.  Key players start the year injured.  Key players return from injury.  Key players are once again injured.  And in some cases: season over.  Now, before I jump off a cliff, (Don’t worry folks, it’s only a 2 foot drop. I’m afraid of heights.) we don’t know how serious Jeter’s new quad injury is.  But from what I heard yesterday, quad injuries are tough to come back from because they can linger.  Not good.  I don’t know if the Yankees can overcome another re-injury to another big player.  As I’ve been saying since the season started, they’re definitely not making the playoffs.  But now it seems that .500 could be out of the picture.  If Jeter is out for the rest of the season, or even another month,  that’ll be that much more playing time for the backups.  I know they’ve done a phenomenal job so far, but can they really keep it up for another two and a half months possibly?  I can’t see that happening.  Of course now that I’ve said all this, New York will now go on a 17 game winning streak, overtake one of the Wild Card spots and give us Yankee fans something to cheer about late in the season, because as we all know, when I say something, the complete opposite happens.

Moving right along.  I wanted to give my 2 cents on this Geno Smith not going to Mark Sanchez’s “Jets West” story.  Normally something like this wouldn’t grab my attention, but I felt compelled to touch on it.

I love it!  I think it was a nice gesture for Sanchez to invite him, but I love the fact that Geno said thanks, but no thanks.  In case you didn’t know, Jets West is a trip/practice that Sanchez hosts in California.  Other quarterbacks, receivers and running backs usually attend, giving them all some extra practice and a chance to bond.  It’s a good idea, but unfortunately it hasn’t churned out good results.  Up until this year, Sanchez has always been “the man” going into a new season.  This year, however, he has some real competition.  Finally the Jets didn’t bring in a backup quarterback who’s on his last legs to “push” Sanchez.  Geno can sling the rock (just look at the gaudy numbers he put up last year at West Virginia).  That’s why Smith turning down the invitation makes me giddy.  Competition.  “I don’t want to go to your camp.  I’ll be attending camp, ‘I’m gonna’ take your job’ instead.” (not an actual quote)

Finally, I’d like to say how happy I am that Victor Cruz will remain a Giant for the next few years.  And I’m even happier that he didn’t bleed the Giants dry in the process.  He signed for what I’m assuming is around the offer sheet New York offered him a month or so ago.  I have to admit, I was afraid that this was going to get ugly and that the 2 sides wouldn’t be able to come to an agreement.  But my fears have been squashed and my respect for Cruz has been reestablished.  The Giants will now have to deal with Hakeem Nicks and his contract, but they’ll cross that bridge when they get to it.  In the mean time, let’s hope for a lot of salsa dancing this season.

That’s it and that’s all for today.  Have a great weekend everybody!

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