Hello guys and gals.  Happy weekend to you all.

So the Spurs struck first.  Now before I get into this game, I feel that I have to be up front with you guys.  I fell asleep at the start of the 3rd quarter.  I missed the second half.  I’m sorry.  You’re disappointed, I know.  And the worst part is I didn’t even sleep that well.  Hmph.  Any-whoozers.  From what I saw, this was a good, close game, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  The first half was pretty fast paced, and  I was surprised to see San Antonio running the floor the way they did.  Overall they looked pretty good.  No rust, no lag.  Miami, however, looked a little sluggish late.  (I saw the highlights)  And if I’m not mistaken, I believe a couple of members of the big 3 said they were tired.  I’m sure they were tired.  They just had a long, hard fought series with the Pacers.  But you can’t make excuses.  Hey, good news though.  The NBA is once again on a mini vacation because game 2 isn’t until Sunday, so there’s plenty of time to rest.  What a freakin’ joke.  They’re not traveling!  Game 2 is still in Miami!  Grr, so infuriating.  Anyway, this was a big win for the Spurs because they’ve taken away home court from Miami.  I’ll go with the Heat in game 2.  But let me just tell you, if San Antonio should win that game, beware the sweep.  You heard it here first America.

Moving along, I’m getting pretty annoyed/worried about this situation with the Giant’s WR’s.  First and foremost, when is Victor Cruz going to sign?  If a contract doesn’t get done, I have to assume it’s because his asking price is still too high.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  He needs to put away his selfish shoes and slip on his team sneakers.  I understand he wants to get paid, and from what I’ve heard he could be paid.  Very, very, very……very well.  This is an even more troubling situation because his coworker, Hakeem Nicks, is also seeking a new contract.  He’s on his last year, and I’m sure he and the Giants would love to lock him up sooner rather than later.  But what could, and at this point might, end up happening is that one guy will price out the other.  You can bet your booty that whatever the first guy signs for, that second guy will want the same.  And since Cruz and the Giants are negotiating now, he’s the one who has to set the bar, and so far he’s setting it right out of New York.  There’s no way the Giants can pay him what he wants and then pay Nicks the same.  And just going back to his selfishness for a minute because it really ticks me off, wouldn’t you want to keep playing with Nicks?  Doesn’t he understand that if he gets paid what he wants, the Giants most likely can’t keep Nicks too?  If memory serves, these guys just won a Super Bowl together a couple of years ago.  For me that was super fun (get it?  Super Bowl, super fun?), and I’d have to think it was fun for them too.  So by staying together, one would think that they’d have a better shot at another title.  So meet somewhere in the middle on the negotiations, sign the contract and get your greedy, salsa dancing butt on the field.  : )

The Jets can’t really be considering starting Mark Sanchez this season.  I’ve been reading that a decision won’t be made on the starting QB for quite awhile as Sanchez and Geno Smith battle it out.  What’s the battle?  “Geno, you’re the quarterback.”  There ya’ go.  Problem solved.  Name him the starter immediately, that way he can take all the first team reps and get himself acquainted with his fellow starters (although the WR corps is a mess right now).  If Sanchez starts the season, he’s going to be roasted.  I think this guy’s psyche is already in shambles, this will just be the icing on a very shambled cake.  (Shambled cake?)  The fans won’t wait for his first fumble, or his first interception.  They will pounce on him the minute he steps foot on that field.  Avoid that.  Avoid the fan base turning on him and possibly the team.  Put Geno in.  Give the fans some hope.  If he makes mistakes they can at least be chalked up as rookie blunders.  If Sanchez makes mistakes it’s because, well, he’s just not that good.

Well that’s it and that’s all for today folks.  Have a great weekend and I’ll be back again next week.

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